Here are events hosted by Temple of the Rays, or in collaboration with other spiritual groups and tribes of practitioners across Mississippi and beyond. You will find current, upcoming, and past events on this page.

Want to collab, host an event together, or book Temple of the Rays for a special creation? Contact us using the email or phone number at the bottom of the page! (email preferred for in depth events)

Thanks! Namaste!

Photography by Kevin Brunt

Current & Upcoming Events



Natchez Trace (The Overlook in Maps)

Please consider bringing a meditation pillow and/or yoga mat for your comfortability, water (to drink), fruit of your choice for peace and land offerings, and crystals or other preferred meditation tools.

Donations are strongly suggested but are not required. You are welcome to join us no matter what you can or cannot bring.


Current Dates are as followed:

January 16, 2022 (Noon)

February 20, 2022 (Noon)

March 13, 2022 (postponed)

April 24, 2022 (Noon)

More 2022 Dates coming soon!

Past Events!

Intro to Metaphysics: Awakening Your Inner S.A.G.E.

JANUARY 23, 2022 | 5:55PM (Level 1)


Register here.

Develop your intuitive and spiritual self with this year long series of workshops with a basis for introducing anyone to the world of metaphysics through the eyes of spiritual practitioner and shaman, William-Michael. As a trained psychic and holistic professional, he will be providing the ins and outs of leading a spiritual path based on his training, education, and, most of all, his experiences and teachings from the spiritual realms. As a master number life path, William always seeks to teach, guide, and explain the true meanings and purpose of this reality by first walking through it then illuminating the way for others.

Learn about the fundamentals of metaphysics, crystals, and more to get you on the path towards awakening and enlightenment! Perfect for anyone whether you're new to the realm of spirituality or a walking monk.

Classes are followed as below:

Level 1 - What is Metaphysics? The Intro (Walking a Spiritual Path)

Level 2 - So, You're Awakened Now?

(Crystals, Auras, and More)

Level 3 - Intuition & Cosmic Gifts

(Owning Your Gifts)

Level 4 - Gods, Goddesses, & Deities

(Tapping into Your Self)

Level 5 - Angels, Spirits, and Ancestors (Working with the Realms)

Level 6 - Beyond Here

(Bringing it All Together)

Current Dates are:

Level 1 (January 23, 2022)

Level 2 (March 27, 2022)

Level 3 (May)

Level 4 (July)

Level 5 (September)

Level 6 (November)

Invest $33 per class (Levels 1-3), $55 per class (Levels 4-6), or register for the full year of learning at a discounted price of $222! Virtual and in-person options available.


CR38TION: A Party 4 Align-Meant & Intention (Spring Equinox Welcoming Party)

MARCH 20, 2022 | 1:11-5:55PM

"CR3-8-TION" is the first of many spiritually charged parties hosted by William-Michael in partnership with the Holistic HeArts Collaboration, and the spiritual community of artists in Mississippi and beyond. We invite you to partake in the first of the "Align-Meant" series of intention setting, ritualistic parties to celebrate and commemorate the welcoming of each season while also honoring the coven, community, inner child, sacred sage, and cycles of life that we all endure.

CR38TION features:

  • "CR3-8" Stations for creativity through art, prayer, and meditation

  • Goal and intention setting for the Self, Community, and Beyond

  • Drinking, Eating, and Local Vegan Catering (Potluck Style)

  • Healing Ceremonies

  • Bonfire

  • and more!

CR3-8-TION is the freedom + ecstacy of a rave, hue-manity of a bonfire + block party, and sacred space + ritual of a spiritual retreat for a unified, and whole, healing experience.


North Midtown Arts Center

121 Milsaps Avenue

Jackson, MS

To RSVP text your name to 601-879-4341.


CONVERGE: Renewal Bonfire & Spiritual Potluck

December 12, 2021 (12.12.21) | 4:30-7:00PM

Join the Holistic HeArts Collaboration for commUnity, mindfulness, movement, music and food.

There is a suggested donation of $12, and we ask that you would bring a food item (vegan or vegetarian preferred).

We are so excited to share beautiful space and community with you all!

Be sure to register here.



North Midtown Arts Center

121 Milsaps Avenue

Jackson, MS

Stepping Through the Portal: Laying the Foundation for 2022: A Full Moon Meet & Greet

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 | 7:11PM-8:11PM

Join The House of Hathor and Temple of the Rays for the first of a full moon series on 11/19/21. This Meet & Greet, hosted during a Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, will be the introduction to a wave of synchronistic moments to help change your perspective and life as we move into the energies of 2022.

Layered with a series of portals and astrological occurrences, this year (2022) will be one of great growth and exponential change for all who wish to drink the milk of richness and grandeur. But how do you achieve that and what does this mean?

By registering for the "Stepping Through the Portal" event you will be introduced to these cosmic events and learn what to expect and how to prepare, be guided on a shamanic journey to further align your energies to the magick of 2022 and, lastly, gain essential magickal tips from Spiritualist Chaz the Seer as we seek to harness the energy as we close 2021 and shift into 2022 at our fullest potential.

You can join us virtually by signing up here or save your spot for the in-person meeting here.

Limited spacing is available. If in-person seating is sold out, you will be notified and given the virtual class option.

We will be located at:

350 N. Mart Plaza

Jackson, MS 39206

Remember, bring your journal and open mind as we embark on a journey through the portal! Worksheets will be provided upon arrival.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Namaste & Magickal Wishes!

PRESENCE: An Afternoon of Self Care

OCTOBER 10, 2021 | 3-6PM (World Mental Health Day)

Join the Holistic HeArts Collaborative for our first event on World Mental Health Day! "Presence" is a day full of mindfulness, self-care, and wellness through yoga, your choice of massage or reiki, sound healing, meditation, and ecstatic dance. The afternoon retreat will be held at the Ecoshed (Jackson, MS) with music by DJ Jon Juan & DJ Spirituals.

Botanical Mocktails by Spacebar

133 Commerce Park Dr.

Jackson, MS 39213

Click Here to Register

SHOW SOME LOVE: Meditation & Sound Bath Benefit

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 | 6PM

Join the Holistic HeArts Collaborative for a sound bath and meditation to hold healing space and send loving energy for our friends, family, neighbors, and tribe affected by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

Meditation will be led by Beth Herzig (Take a Breath with Beth)

Sound Bath by Jason Lee (Heart Space Holistic)

Atmosphere by DJ Jon Juan

This event is a sliding scale price ranging anywhere from $22-$55 and will be held at Ecoshed (Jackson, MS).

Click Here to Register



Join me once a month to share a little about metaphysics, spirituality, and so much more. I will be joining Cabrini Green Superfoods, LLC. to help those that have questions about crystals, sage, smudging, and other metaphysical essentials in and out of the store.

Cabrini Green Superfoods can be located at:

2460 Terry Road, Suite 600

Jackson, MS 39204

Contact: 769-232-1930


Groups & Socials

Holistic HeArts Collaborative

A group of healers, lightworkers, artists, and musicians hosting alternative and holistic events, festivals, and retreats in Mississippi and beyond!

Interested in joining? Contact us via our socials below or email us at

Join us online:

Instagram - @holistic_hearts_collab

Facebook - Holistic HeArts Collaborative

Divine Insight: Spiritual Group

Divine Insight Community is a private Facebook group for intuitive, psychic, and spiritually gifted individuals to share messages, premonitions, readings, and other intuitive feelings about the Collective & Global energies in a safe space for enlightenment, encouragement and personal growth.

If you are a channel (or messenger of any kind) and would like to join this group, please submit a request here. No negativity or bashing of any kind towards other members will be tolerated.

We look forward to sharing this sacred space with you.


Programs & Specials

S.A.G.E. Mentorship & Adviser Program

A Monthly Self-Help Experience | $55

In this monthly course, you will begin to build towards a new and healthy life from an alternative and holistic approach. By developing new mental and spiritual habits we will slowly but effectively rewire destructive patterns towards a direction that promotes constant movement, thus creating new (brain) waves. Together we will set your intentions to clear stagnant energies and beliefs.

With the one-on-one guidance and assistance from a holistic practitioner and training metaphysician, you will achieve new heights that will reflect throughout your full existence. Although this is a guided program, it is up to the participating individual to execute the given practices, studies, and advice in order to grow and change.

You will receive:

• excerpts from spiritual texts and typed documents specifically tailored to you, based on professional intuitive assessments.

• weekly check-ins that consist of an inspirational oracle card pull followed by affirmations and programming for the week.

• a cooperative reflection period towards the end of the month.

• an introduction to the “COFFIN” method for effective releasing and transmuting.

• an opportunity to grow and be yourself without judgement or criticism in order to build a confident you.

It is strongly recommended to commit for three (3) consecutive months for best results.

A free consultation is required before fully committing.

Register for your new life here.