Services & Offerings

"Your Guide through the Rays!"

Here you will find a list of our current and updated offerings and services. We are constantly changing, evolving, and growing and with that, so will our offerings and availabilities. We thank you in advance for receiving us as we are and trusting our processes through Spirit. If you ever have any questions, we are more than happy to assist in the options available at the time of the request. To schedule, book and inquire, please refer to the contact box at the bottom of each page. In the case that a service or offering is no longer available, we will be glad to redirect you to a trusted practitioner, share our schedule or projected timeline for returning, or directing you to a suggested and qualified offering of equal spiritual value. These services will be listed under the "Special Request" section and are approved or denied on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for your love and patience. Namaste.

S.A.G.E. Sessions: Spiritual Consultations & Advising

45 Minutes ($65) | Add Ons ($25 each): 15 Minute Energy Healing (Reiki) or 15 Minute Intuitive Insight (Reading)

Prices may vary.

S.A.G.E. - Spiritual Alignment Growth & Energy

Transform and Align through our one-on-one guided session dedicated to empower your healing journey and ultimately your life, through open listening and judegment-free dialogue set on a foundation of wisdom, intuition, professional experience, and more. With the assistance of a shamanic background and studies in metaphyiscal science, we will begin to break down barriers to confront old patterns, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to bring into existence a new way of being. Accompanied with a multitude of alternative and holistic methods, each session will be dedicated to surrendering to the flow of Spirit while simultaneously developing new mental, emotional, and spiritual habits that rewire destructive patterns towards a direction that promotes constant movement, thus creating new (brain) waves.

Be introduced to our "COFFIN" method, along with other specialized in-house approaches, to assist in effective transmuting and releasing, while targeting areas for healing and transformation.

For additional offerings, please ask. Normal consultation required before approval of other services. Options available in-person and via Zoom or other remote options.

Special Requests & Entries

Former services and offerings that are no longer available or currently under construction. Once a request is made, please allow time for a response. All approvals, and so forth, will be determined upon availability and other factors, but will always be with your best and spiritual interest in mind at the help of my guides and spirit as well. Thank you!


Explore our custom layouts for divine and unique readings to gain insight and clarity through the channel that suits your inquiry and needs best. With six different spreads you have endless opportunities to connect with your guides from various realms and gain guidance and direction with the help of intuitive and psychic channeling. Our readings range from $33 to $55.

Dreams of Gaia: Earth Spread

A custom reading layout for Earth Lovers and nurturers of Gaia and elementals. This special spread features messages from the animal and plant kingdom, natural elements, and Gaia herself. For those on a path of healing the planet and receiving the love of Gaia to find their purpose.

Use of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Animal Messages Oracle, and Nature Spirit Tarot decks.

Shamanic Gateway: Mystical Path Spread

A layout for the old souls and mystics of the world. If you are a spiritual seeker or practitioner on their path, this grid reveals lessons, shadow work, and connects you to your soul’s innate gifts. Find which path, or paths, resonates with your soul for deep wisdom and guidance.

Use of the Mystical Shaman Oracle and The Anubis Oracle decks.

Angelic Beams: Crystal Rays Spread

A layout for those ready to receive the voices of angels. For those feeling lost or confused, this grid downloads rays of light and messages from the angelic and crystal realms for healing. It offers guidance on your path for physical and spiritual direction.

Use of the Influence of the Angels Tarot, Angel Therapy Oracle, and Crystal Spirits Oracle decks.

Love & Relationships: Holy Heart Spread

Find what’s at the center of your heart’s purpose by showing you mirrors to the soul and inner-being for divine love and growth in this spread. A grid that reflects cycles, patterns, and habits for you to continue or break on the path of self-love.

Use of the Tarot for the Heart Oracle deck.

Ascended Masters & Archangels: The Path Spread

Travel the mountain of enlightenment with ideals, teachings, and themes to help you along your journey. A wayshower of purpose, this grid aligns you with the gifts you bestow upon yourself and people and what you’ll need to get out your own way.

Use of the Angels of Atlantis Oracle and Buddhism Reading Cards decks.

The 5 Point Reference: Star of Truth & Justice Spread

The spread that reveals the truth of all truths. Balance the scales of your soul by looking at your habits, values, and what genuinely matters to you on this journey with this ancient spread. Release false narratives and identify the true shadow of your nature.

Use of the Witches Tarot deck and sometimes Runes.

Shamanic Energy Healing (Reiki)

30 Minutes ($50) | 1hr ($80)

Receive balancing and healing spiritual energy to the physical and astral body via reiki and shamanic healing techniques. Reiki relieves and heals physical pain, emotional stress, and mental stress. With the assistance of shamanic practices we will balance and stabilize the auric field, close loose auric tears, and even be perceptible to past life traumas and more.

Sessions include Hemi-Sync sound technology, sound healing, and other channeled techniques.

Shamanic Energy Healing Combo: Choose from one (1) of the six (6) reading layouts and also receive 30 minutes of energy healing. Duration: 60 Minutes ($85)

Dream Offerings

$22.22 | $33.33 | $55.55

Dream Interpretation

Receive psychic and empathic interpretation of a specific dream or collection of dreams. Must be typed and emailed and should preferably include emotions, feelings, thoughts, or as much detail of the dream as possible. Interpretations can vary anywhere between 1-2 weeks. Anything further will be communicated in advance.

Dream Interpretation (Full)

Receive psychic and empathic interpretation of a specific dream or collection of dreams. Must be typed and emailed and should preferably include emotions, feelings, thoughts, or as much detail of the dream as possible. Interpretations can vary anywhere between 1-2 weeks. Anything further will be communicated in advance.

Dream Diving (Overnight)

Dream Diving is a process in which I journey into the dream state to gather answers to your specific questions while also receiving any messages or guidance that may be available to you. Booking this service must be done in advance as preparation and availability must be assured.

Meditations & Journeys

10 Minutes ($22) | 20 Minutes ($33) | 30 Minutes ($44)

Be guided through a 10, 20, or 30-Minute Meditation or Journey channeled and individualized for you. Through the use visualization and breathing techniques we will guide your experience to travel spiritually, calm the mind, be in the present moment, or achieve other personal goals you may have.

Personalized Meditations and Journeys can consist of Chakra Balancing, Mindfulness Practices & Techniques, and more based on your needs and specific guidance from Spirit!