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We are always thankful for your reviews, your personal community, and support! Sharing these special moments not only serve as a beacon or guide for someone else on their path, but it also serves as a reminder for me to never stop and keep going forward in healing and being who I am for this world.

A light. A friend. A partner.

With extremely, unyielding gratitude. Namaste!

Please enjoy the heartfelt reviews and genuine feedback from our tribal community around the globe.

From: William-Michael, Founder of Temple of the Rays & 5StarMagick

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"I just want to thank you for the great reiki session and reading combo. I feel so much better and everything you talked about in my reading I have seen or has come across my path this week. Thank you so much . I will definitely be a returning customer." - Freida F. (Reiki & Reading Combo Session)

"William had my reading on POINT! EXCEPTIONALLY ACCURATE. 10 is the highest?" - Joy D. (Reading, 1 Hour)

"I felt very relaxed from the reiki session." Y. Noble (Reiki Session, 1 Hour)

"You are so amazing!! I'm so happy you're sharing your gifts in this way!" - M. Greenleaf (Digital Announcement via Temple of the Rays Facebook)

"His playful authenticity is refreshing." - Mitzi H. (LIVE Readings, IG & FB)

"Thank you for the reading yesterday! Amazing. On point. Confirming. Motivating!" - J. Lee

"I would like to personally thank you for taking time out of your schedule to set aside time for me and my journey. Your patience and attentive spirit allowed me to let my guard down to connect on a profound level. During the process I felt so like I had traveled to another land where you can be yourself no judgement. As I traveled through this healing with William I held a mirror to myself and looked at all facets of me. I shedded old skin and thoughts and I learned to be more conscious of my breathing and how it plays a part in how you respond to everyday things. This healing taught me that within my soul I have all the tools I need to get to the next level. During the healing a lot of things that needed to be let go of came up and out that I need to work on. I'm much more of aware of those things. Leaving the healing I walked away much braver, confident, and equipped learning that sometimes to see the true light you have to walk through the darkness but you aren't in there alone and that the ones who have walked that same path are cheering you on from a distance. Once you make it through to the other side, you view life and people much different, in a much less judgemental way, and that your growth will speak for itself in all you do. William also gifted me some oil for drawing in all the things I wanted and desired to manifest and I'm here to tell you, I was like a honeycomb to a school of bees. Awesome. I was able to draw in so much I needed. Reflecting today I appreciate the smallest things on a much deeper level and realize you can't get through life alone, yet always have a relationship with yourself first. I look forward to all the good that's to come and transformation isn't always sparkles and diamonds. You have to endure the pressure to truly shine!! Thanks William for all you do! Keep that beautiful smile!" - Angel (Custom Ceremony & Journey | 5StarMagick Prosperity Oil)

"The Inner Soul Journey Workshop was a fun, validating; yet, complex experience. Overall, I received the tools necessary to be my authentic self and made friends along the way. I would highly recommend this workshop (or anything William creates)!" - Ashlee Kelly (Inner Soul Journey, 5-Week Intensive)

"I have attended one of your meditations before and it was awesome. I still remember it vividly. I will always be grateful to you for that experience. Also, an overall cool dude (and great camping buddy)." - K. Tew (Guided Meditation)

"It was the most amazing reiki experience I have ever had. I will definitely be back! William is divinely gifted. Blessings and respect." - April S. (Reiki & Reading Combo)

"After Will taught me how to meditate and other stuff, I began to see things from different points of view and also I began to see nature more deeply. Also, it helped me to understand that things always happen for a reason." - A. Leguizamon, Argentina (Mentorship & Guided Meditatons)


"This oil HIT! Manifestation at its finest." - Rachel B. (5StarMagick, Mo Money Oil Set)

"The oil was very potent." - Ms. Joy (5StarMagick, Custom "Separation" Oil)

"You gotta be ready for them oils!" - Angel (5StarMagick, Custom "Protection" Oil)

"I'm about to bathe in it at this point. Lol. I used it for the first time and got free food stamps. #Power." - L. Bonhomme (5StarMagick, Mo Money Oil Set)

"My God you & that money oil and your healing is succccchhhh a blessing." - Emily (5StarMagick Money Opener Oil | Shamanic Energy Healing)

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