A Mind, Body, & Spell Experience

Magick is healing. It is healing on all levels: emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and even beyond that. By utilizing the medicinal and healing properties of herbs and plants we bring a full mind, body, and spell healing experience. Crafted with deep intentions of alchemy and positive change, each product brings forward something to heal on the spectrum. Birthed from a passion and connection to magick and ancestral energies, 5StarMagick developed a craft that offers emotional and spiritual healing (oils, jars, and aura sprays) with physical and mental healing (crown oils and sol scrubs) and continues to download new, yet old, ways of providing love and healing to the community.

We began by creating hair oils and spiritual baths for ourselves and friends/family until officially guided to expand beyond and bring the uniting of the full soul to the collective. 5StarMagick is about high quality magick and healing accessories combined with the power and spirit of the five elements.

We share this power with you all who come here to expand and enlighten your spiritual experience.

With Lots of Love, Luck, & Light


/Hike/HeKa (Egypt)

1. Heavenly Divine Magick that has Intense Spirituality.

2. Primaeval Power of the Creator-God.

3. Magick Entwined in Faith, Science, Health, Wellbeing, And Protection.

Magick & Medicine Are Always one and Never Separate; Heka, Rw, Seshaw, Pekhret

5 Star Spell Jars

These 5 Star Special Spell Jars help the holder and user to obtain and invoke a particular deity, energy, or archangel presence to achieve a series of goals. These goals, or intentions, have already been set and infused within each spell jar with a special blend of magickal herbs, spices, scents and, most importantly, magick.

Spell Jars should be handled carefully and preferably never handled by those outside of the set owner or user of the jar. Many times we, or others, share the contents of the jars during ceremonies and community rituals. Use your intuition when considering this. Please be sure to charge and clear your jar energetically, periodically, especially dependent upon frequent use. This can be done through the methods of sunlight, moonlight, water, earth contact, or by means of crystals such as selenite or amethyst.

Each jar is charged and set to last anywhere between 2-7 months. Magick energy lasts longer with proper care and attention. Please note that the life span of each individual jar is dependent upon the user's karmic influences and patterns at that time. We recommend not storing the jars in extreme heat or coolness, unless intending to do so purposely, for extended periods of time or use jars past assigned expiration dates. Doing so usually results in backward flowing energy. For example: "freezing" the spell keeps it "on ice" and on hold.

Feel free to ask about a specific jar, its life expectancy, and potential uses or benefits for your journey!


high quality magick forged by the elements.

"everyone has a point." - 5starmagick.

Luck of Hermes: Spell Jar


Protection of Anubis: Spell Jar


Beauty of Aphrodite: Spell Jar


Strength of Shango: Spell Jar


Love of Chamuel: Spell Jar


Passion of Pan: Spell Jar


Wisdom of Thoth: Spell Jar


Blood of Ares: Spell Jar


Sweetness of Oshun: Spell Jar



1. the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.

5 Star Room & Aura Sprays

5 Star Room & Aura Sprays are used for spraying, misting, and spritzing out any and all energies that no longer serve you or your purpose. As you clear these energies from your space or aura, you'll simultaneously call in the energy and assistance of the individual Archangel, deity, or energy associated with your spray. Additionally, each spray is equipped for setting sacred spaces and places, invoking angelic energies, calling in your own energies and higher self, or simply bringing a sense of peace, love, and happiness into your life.

Each spray is infused and charged with specific crystals, herbs, essential oils, and other channeled energies. 5 Star Room & Aura Sprays are separated into two categories: "Angelic Aura" Aura Spray and "Deity in Your Pocket" Aura Spray.


1. one of the magi. 2. a magician, sorcerer, or astrologer.

"Angelic Aura" Aura Sprays

Archangel Raphael Aura Spray (Healing)

$15.55 (4 oz.)

Archangel Michael Aura Spray (Guardian)

$15.55 (4 oz.)

Archangel Zadkiel Aura Spray (Intuition)

$15.55 (4 oz.)

Archangel Uriel Aura Spray (Wisdom & Knowledge)

$15.55 (4 oz.)


the wise men, generally assumed to be 3/three in number

shaman, oracle, sage

...reputed to possess supernatural powers.

"Deity in Your Pocket" Aura Spray

Justice & Balance Aura Spray (Anubis)

$15.55 (4 oz.)

Fresh as a Fairy Aura Spray (Pan)

$15.55 (4 oz.)

Sweet Like Honey Aura Spray (Oshun)

$15.55 (4 oz.)

Gold Beam Aura Spray (Hermes)

$15.55 (4 oz.)


• a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magick to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual forces, etc.

• typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.


• (especially in ancient greece) ... given by a priest or priestess at a shrine as the response of a god to an inquiry.

• a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements.

• a divine communication or revelation.

• a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods...


• a profoundly wise person

• someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgement, and experience

• wise, judicious, or prudent

• a profoundly wise man, especially one who features in ancient history or legend.


Completion Oil (Pictured)

Used for the completion of cycles and endings, releasing, protecting and easing the user during the transition, and also providing the vision, guidance, and love from Higher Helpers during this process.

5 Star Oils & Custom Creations

5 Star Custom Channeled Oils for every occassion: Annointments, Candle Work, Energy Work & Healing, Energetic Place Holders, and more!

Examples of Oils include but are not limited to Protection, Love, Break-Ups, Jobs & Career, Money & Prosperity, Healing, Repelling, and more.

If it's a thought, it's an oil.

Try our other in-house preset oils, too: Prosperity Oil & Money Opener Oil (apart of the Mo Money Oil Set), PROtection & W.A.R.D.-ering Oil, Completion Oil, and more to come.

Romance Smoothie Oil

Love & Romance beauty blend. For unlocking intense inner-passion with yourself, stimulating desire, and extending it outwards. This is the self-care, self-pleasure, and love making oil to yourself. The Divine Feminine and Beauty blend to the rescue!

Among other things...


"Seduction. soul. sex." - 5Star Incantation.


"Wish & Wage. Anoint & Access. Reclaim & Reset.

Determine & Dictate." - 5Star Incantation.

PROtection & W.A.R.D.-ering Oil

A potent banishment oil blend that creates a barrier around the practitioner/user (inner and outer auras) and the (user's) environment. Meant for completely sealing out all unintentional spirits or energies in a space, home, or person. Not to be used daily on the same individual.

If you've never seen a vampire get burnt by holy water, well now you will.

Mo Money Oils

"Mo Money" Prosperity Oils are for the ultimate and infinite abundance. This set includes two powerfully charged oils blended with a variety of special herbs and oils made to change and improve your life.

Get the money that's owed to you from debt and more with the "Money Opener" Oil blend and follow up with a drop of the "Prosperity" Oil to increase luck and opportunities that flow to your doorstep.

Add these oils to your hands to extend the energy to everything you touch. Place a few intentional drops on your money, bank cards, or old checks to draw the money there, or even place drops of oil down as you walk to increase walking towards abundance. Either way, watch your life become rich in material abundance and wealth with a splash of luck and chance.

$15.55 each/$17.77 set

Prosperity & Money Opener Oil Set

The Prosperity Oil (left) calls in the abundance and flow of wealth into your pockets while the Money Opener (right) clears and opens the way. Get both oils specially for $17.77 or $15.55 each.

5 Star Kosmetics

5 Star Kosmetics are for the mind and body aspect of our physical existence. It is the realm of beauty and self-care in which we all should encourage daily. Here you will find spiritual bath soaks and intentional hair oils to create a beautiful mind-body experience while equally elevating the spiritual beyond your current perception.

Each oil and bath is infused with a list of herbs, oils, essential oils, and then blessed and charged with divine blessings specific to its intent. While the hair oils are used to elevate and expand the mind, while moisturizing and cleaning the scalp, our baths are charged for expanding the vessel in which the soul rests.

Bringing kosmic energy for divinity into your self-care routine.

Sol Scrubs & Divination Baths

These spiritual baths are designed for ultimate cleansing of the aura, connecting to the soul, and divining in the water. Unite with the spirit of water as you call in the essence of life (water) to purify and awaken the soul unbounded or chained to a false physical existence. Honor the Divine Feminine while empowering the Divine Masculine through the magick of each of these Sol Baths, to induce a state of action and intuitive motion while calming, relaxing and detoxing the nervous system and strenghtening your aura.

Choose between one of three baths, or collect all three over time, each with a specific enchanted experience.

Awaken the Light of the Sol and Emit Your Divine Rays through these Oracle Spiritual Baths.

Baths are $30 (God & Goddess) and $36 (Phoenix). Large sizes only.

Kiss of the Moon Goddess (Lunar Bath)

For calming and restoring energy to the body, mind, and spirit. Connect to the touch of the Divine Feminine with this Kiss of the Moon Goddess bath.

(aura tone: amethyst)

Enchanted with the Rays of Selene, Hecate, and Artemis.

Blessings of the Sun God (Solar Bath)

For invigorating power of the sun and unlocking the fire within to conquer your day. Connect to the force of supreme justice and balance that is the Divine Masculine, with the Blessings of the Sun God bath.

(aura tone: fire agate)

Enchanted with the Rays of Ra, Apollo, and Xango.

RiZen Phoenix (Bennu Bird/Wind Bath)

RiZe out of the flames of adversity to reclaim your seat amongst the Divine. Restore your true nature and connect to your personal power with the vibrance of the ancient Phoenix & Bennu bird. Revitalize your chakra system and breeze into a calming new birth with the RiZen Phoenix bath.

(aura tone: citrine)

Enchanted with the Rays of the mystical Phoenix.

Thee Witch Doctor.

Crowned Palace: Intentional Hair Oils

Hair Oils to bless, nourish, and moisturize the scalp. Our crown is our place of divine connection, abundance, thoughts, and ideas! It is the birth place of our divinity and rests on proper nourishment in order to thrive. In so many of our daily routines and interactions, we may encouter all types on energies that could potentially affect our crown's energy. With these intentional hair oils, your Crown will be a Palace of Fortitude, Bliss, and Grace. Choose from any of our three oils or request a custom made oil of your own. Each oil is crafted to assist with hair growth, folicle stimulation, softening hair, dandruff, and more while also adding a sprinkle of magick to your day. All oils are $18.88/Customs are $19.99.

Rosemary Mint

A focus blend, for the mind. Increasing your focus and come across new ideas as you create new pathways towards a divine mind with the Rosemary Mint Crown Oil.

Lavender Blossom

A calming blend for the heart. Drift into a state of relaxation and calming bliss with this blend, as it opens your heart and grounds the mind to a place of receiving pure joy as you dance through the fields of Lavender Blossoms.

Orange Mint

A joyous blend for the spirit. Walk in the light of high spirits and divine connection as you radiate and shine like the sun itself. Bring in the light of the world through your crown and radiate that supreme aura of peace with this Orange Mint Crown Oil.