Temple of the Rays (TOR), also known as The Rays, is the embodiment of a wholistic healing approach downloaded through the energy of the 12 spiritual flames, or rays, by the Galactic and Angelic Realms. Through the harnessing of the twelve rays of light currently available to us on the Earth plane, Temple of the Rays transmutes and channels this energy into every field of our work through the blessing of the Divine Parents. This spectrum of divine rays carries with it the very essence of our lives beyond this planet. They are, in essence, balance and wholeness integration, the colors and symbology of the rainbow bridge, chakras and so much more. Ultimately healing of the mind, body, and spirit through each property and force inhabited by and associated with each ray. They reflect onto our lives, casting light onto shadows, and represent the goal of being at whole peace.

“The Rays” were founded during a time in our journey where integrating and inhabiting the beauty that is “full spectrum” became more and more clear to us in this existence. For TOR, Full Spectrum is the embodiment of our full selves and all its brightness, not just the "light" commonly refered to in spirituality. Instead, it is the result of knowing that light exists within the shadows and the shadows exist within the depths of us, connected by this bridge of ancient lights. The Rays seeks to align you with and expose you to your full spectrum through various healing methods for full vibrant healing, thus becoming the rays embodied.

William-Michael, founder of The Rays, serves as a channel and gatekey-per for these incoming beams of light in this universe. By anchoring them into our Earth plane, we heal Mama Gaia and complete the realm of life. Michael is able to access all realms, communicating and relaying their messages to assist our community. Each ancient being and spirit corresponds to a particular ray within the spectrum, contributing to those who fall under the corresponding ray in their mission for this planet and beyond. We seek to show each and every person who they are in attuning them to their resonating ray. All of us holds a specific key in helping the sustaining and healing of the Divine Flow and ultimately our planet's health and safety.

We are All One. We Each are All. Let’s Love together and Be together in Full Spectrum Light.

Peace. Love. Luck. Light. Namaste. Aho. Asé.

Services include dream interpretations, crystal grid readings, personalized meditations and journeying, shamanic energy healing, shamanic blessings and ceremonies, mentorship and more.

A Moment of Gratitude...

We show and give gratitude to our teachers and helpers in the many spiritual realms. Anubis, my shamanic and lower world mentor. Shango, my pretty boy big brother that will always be a ray of light and courage. Michael, my protector and angelic guide in light. V, my super-shapeshifting galactic teacher and keyholder. Thoth, for showing me its okay to be gentle and in your power. My main spirit guide and “nameless” Monk of humor, smiles, Buddhism and the craft. Hermes, for showing me how to be a guide for seemingly lost souls while carrying swift guidance from the realms. The Horned God (P & C), for connecting me to my earth and wild nature. Then, of course, my Buddy Buddha (Sir Gautama) for your wisdom, peace, calm demeanor, humor, and always "secretly" walking with me and showing me the path even when I didn't know where or when it was.

I wouldn’t be a true shamanic practitioner, or shapeshifter, without mentioning some of my animal spirit guides and team. Fox. Bat. Owl. Wolf. Spider. Tiger. Snake. Bear. Hawk. Dragon.

I love you all and I honor you daily through love and practice. While these are not all of my guides and helpers, they have been synchronistically reflective of my Self in regards to my journey, lessons, identity, and even outward appearances throughout the years. To my guides and many helpers and visitors over the years who have taught me the Rays, you know who you are. You are loved and always honored and welcomed.

To the Source, Connector, and Creator thank you for showing me the me in YOU.

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"SENSEI-TIONAL" SOUL: Metaphysics & Magick

Meet the Shaman, the Oracle, & the Sage

William "Phoenix Heart" Michael

Following the year of his awakening, William began the trek of following his purpose as a Starseed and Lightworker spirit. Following his Soul's guidance led him to spiritual centers across Mississippi where he has found a tribe and training for his spiritual development as he continues to rediscover his Soul's Self all while aligning with his shamanic lineage and ancestral connection to Nature as a Seer.

Starting at Soul Synergy Center as YogiSage, William began his spiritual practice as a reiki practitioner after his Reiki I and II attunement by Reiki Master Teacher and Monroe Institute Professor, Allyn Evans, of Energy Medicine Squared in March 2019 (3/3/3). During this time, he also offered dream interpretations. With time William continued his education earning his Reiki Master Practitioner certification in June and, after a year long training, became certified as a Professional Psychic by the Mississippi Academy for Spiritual Development in November 2019 under Psychic-Medium Jill M. Jackson and Spiritual Intuitive Duann Kier. While a student in this course, the name "Michael" began to make its appearance through numerous random encounters and already familiar faces all "accidentally" calling him Michael, thus leading to his first spiritual name "William-Michael". This name comes from his connection to Archangel Michael and the beings of the angelic realm, which William is deeply connected to through his channeling ability. This year long experience aligned the old soul with his path by lightyears. From here, YogiSage began offering professional readings and eventually guided meditations in Mississippi's only salt cave. Meditations are always guided and channeled by the Galactic beings and higher energies for each individual person that joins the sessions, making them unforgettable, intimate, and powerfully healing for those who participated. By the end of 2019, William had noticed his energy work completely transform and evolve in a new but very familiar way. Sessions would be guided by angelic helpers, ancestors, Galactics, Elementals and magickal (mythical) creatures, gods, goddesses, and deities for deep shamanic healing and cleansing on the soul and Other Life levels. There was a shift in his readings as well, as he began to channel and see those same energies appear with messages and healing for clients in this setting as well. It was through these experiences that the old soul was initiated in his abilities and attunement as a Shaman and Seer.

Underneath the public eye growth, William experienced other gifts present themselves in an unignorable way, such as his mediumship and channeling. While he was aware of his abilties as a channel and used these gifts during readings, dream interpretations, and most of his other sessions, he had only heard through others of his mediumship gifts. Around November 2019, as ancestral energies began to surround and increase around him, the presence of his passed over loved ones suddenly dwelled within him. It was later after a few experiences with others' loved ones, spirit animals, and feedback that he finally accepted his mediumship ability and vowed to fine tune it. Simultaneously, there were also others energies stirring beneath to officially resurface. Magick. Since then, he has become aware of his Indigenous, Asian, and African (Ghanian) ancestry.

In 2020, the young Seer began to foresee a deeper purpose with expanded clarity for himself and the planet. Through the support of his ancestors, Michael's magickal abilities via "5StarMagick" as well as his abilities in channeling spirits and primal energies continues to evolve. His journey has led him to his ancient Egyptian roots, from Other Lives, with the guidance of his spirit family of Egyptian deities and beings. Through a four month shamanic initiation period (and one-year cycle) a series of deaths, challenges, ceremonies, and rituals were commenced in the Void. Overseen by his Shamanic Teacher (Anubis/Anpu), this offered a perspective that was not yet revealed in full as he merged more with his ancestral spirits and full spectrum Self by accessing and acknowledging the light and darkness within the soul of his mind. In November 2020, William earned a diploma in Ancient Egyptian Shamanism.

William-Michael seeks to truthfully guide others through laughter and genuine care for the ultimate nurturing of the trinity: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

His development as a metaphysician and holistic practitioner continues. Now, in 2022, Michael has developed metaphysics courses for seekers of the path to inspire and enlighten while navigating the multiple realms. Graduates and students of the path have a safe space to connect through the "Keepers of the Rays" group as well as the "Divine Insight" group for other intuitives and mediums to share their gifts for the Collective. An extension of this for the magickal community is his coven in the making, "Coven of the Rays", where he seeks to further expound upon his magickal abilities while guiding a safe and ethical, yet primal-based, practice as a high priest. As 2022 progressed, so did the spiritual initations. After the higher awakening of his (sacred) divine masculine energy, William was presented the name "Phoenix Heart" as he was shown the heart within his heart and continued to awaken his own while flowing into those around him with passion and fortitude. This initially led to the sacred celebration of and introduction to William "Phoenix Heart" Michael at the Spring Equinox party, "CR38TION", to signify his solar awakening overseen by the Transcendent Masculine Forces in the form of Solar & Thunder Deities. Including Shango (Xango), Horus, Ra, and Apollo, who all signify a higher aspect of the masculine form expressing itself through various vessels across the spiritual and physical realms. "CR38TION" is the first of the "Align-Meant" party series that promotes and honors the divine expression and cycles of our huemanity, inner-child and sacred sage via art, dance, creation, ceremony and intention setting, ritualistic parties while further navigating the full spectrum of our existence in sacred space. Not only that, but to inspire and ensure that coven and unity exists within our lives, no matter where we are along our path, and eventually expand into worldwide spiritual retreats, events, and celebration spaces for sacred beings everywhere around the world as the Temple and Phoenix Heart grows.

William is still pursuing a bachelor's degree in Metaphysics (Metaphysical Science) and creating the spiritual retreats and sacred spaces to deliver to communities everywhere as a Shamanic Teacher and Spiritual Retreat Host & Event Coordinator (Co-Creator) for kindred spirits across the globe. He also seeks to become certified in yoga teacher training to provide enlightened, educated guidance in the physical healing of the body, while synchronistically deepening the whole consciousness of Mind, Body, and Spirit through retreats, events, and spiritual services.

Temple of the Rays specializes in the manipulation, unifying, and transmutation of energies while holding space as a galactic gatekeeper.

• • •

"It is for this, that we are grateful to present him to you all today." - Message from Galactics.

"We thank you for your support in welcoming this energy into your lives." - Ancient Egyptian Deities.

"With Light, Love, and True Peace." - Dao Pharaoh.


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